Your dog deserves a treat too



Blueberry Facial - £5

A lavish Blueberry Facial designed to reduce tear stains massaged into your dogs muzzle and face, followed by a hot essential oil towel wrap and finished off with a spritz of Forever Living Aloe Vera spray.


Deep Sea Mineral Mud Bath - £8

Very cleansing Deep Sea Mineral Mud Bath designed to unclog hair follicles to reduce shedding. Perfect for double coated or thick coated breeds.


Paw-dicure - £5

Antibacterial cleanse and scrub of paws and nails, thorough paw wash, nail clip and finished off with a paw massage with Guava and Mango hydrating butter.


Nagayu Spa Skin Treatment - £10

A Japanese CO2 treatment for improvements in skin condition, coat health and general wellbeing of your pet. Nagayu generates millions of carbonic acid and hydrogen ion, transforming the water into to a CO2 Spa. While showering with CO2 Spa, the CO2 enters the blood vessels and causes them to expand and increase blood flow. Thus cells receive more nutrients and oxygen, resulting in  boosting metabolism and speeds up healing process.   


Hownd Miracle Spa Face Scrub - £7

A magical 2-in-1 tear-free, wheat-free face scrub and pH balanced treatment that safely removes dirt and minimises discolourations from the face and ears in 5 minutes. Followed by a hot essential oil towel wrap and spritz of Aloe Vera spray. 


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